bernhard's little universe

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Bernhard Leiner
Taborstra├če 57/16, 1020 Wien
+43 650 9948267
bleiner (at)

After an initial PHP version, a couple of experiments with Python web frameworks (Pyramid, Django) and an excurse to static generation with Haskell (hakyll) this site is now back to handwritten html (only using bulma as css framework)


A tutorial on LDPC (Low Density Parity Check Codes). This paper has been the number one Google hit for LDPC tutorial for more than 10 years now and I received quite a lot of positive feedback from students all over the world on it. This is probably the most useful thing I have ever written: LDPC Codes - a brief Tutorial
see here for the complete list


Long term toy project which I use to play around with Rust and WebAssembly but also solves a real practical problem since my first marathon training cycle in 2016: For complex running workouts: How long will my run take? What's the total distance?