De-Google - Step 1: email


I was pretty exited when I managed to get my gmail adress back in November 2004. At this point of time invitations (yes, gmail was invite only for a couple of months) have been highly desired. I switched from an GMX account with something like 10 or maybe 50 MBs of mailbox size and the 1 GB offering from google was just amazing.

After having the same email adress for almost 20 years I don't really see an option to completely move on. I could of course automatically forward everything to a new adress but so far I decided on a differnt approach:

  • create new mailboxes
    • one for official stuff connected to banking and government services
    • one new main account for personal emails
    • one for "important" and accounts.
  • keep the rest on gmail for now and only gradually move stuff over if I somehow consider it relevant.
    • gmail will be kept forever at very least for throw-away accounts

Not 100% satisfied here but practicality beats purity here.