IndieWeb and Mastadon Integration


Recently re-read some articles and posts about the IndieWeb movement and briefly thought about re-writing this site again from scratch to consider their POSSE advice. And maybe use a real CMS instead of a static site generator.

Luckily I didn't pull the trigger immediately and nuked this page because I realized that I'm perfectly fine with some stuff I write not fully under my control and potentially vanishing in the future. Not everything is worth to be archived here. Actually, almost nothing is, as you can immediately notice when looking at the frequency of my blog posts. For the moment Mastadon feels like the right platform to use for short term communication.

And of course for linking to this blog whenever I feel like it. This brings me to some other aspect: including potential comments on Mastadon back on this site. I found some nice examples how to integrate this with zola but I guess I will skip this. May check at some point if I can just add a comment counter here and link to Mastadon.